The Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation Bursary

With Dillon being a past graduate from the “Sports Etudes” program at Heritage High School, last year we fittingly created The Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation Bursary thanks to all the generosity that comes our way in Dillon’s name. This year we increased the bursary from 2 to 8 awards, 3 students receiving the Memorial Bursary and 5 receiving Awards of Merit in his honour.

This has been a strange year for the graduating class as well as so many of us dealing with the unrest and turmoil in our planet right now. Hopefully these awards brought some sunshine and happiness to their special day.

We take this moment to congratulate and appreciate all the grads this year from schools near or far and to thank all the people who make the smallest or the largest of donations, thus enabling us to acknowledge them. We appreciate you more then we can express and we exist because you continue to carry the torch for Dillon who lived every day with a smile on his face as well as in his heart. An example for us all. Congratulations Grads of 2020!

Your future awaits, no mountain is too high, take a deep breath and strive forward, taking it day by day.