Team Dillon

Thank you to SL, Universe Board Shop, Torment Snowboard Magazine, Adamo Pizzeria, A Vendre Boutique, Snowboarder Magazine, SF, G-Shock, Mt. St-Bruno, Zeachman, Beight, Pop Headwear, Element, Drink Water, LRG, Elm, Etnies, 1 Milk 2 Sugars, Anjou Bakery, Davidaisy, Agence Royal, Union Bindings, Timebomb Trading, Chico & Sunny.

This list could go on, with the following supporters and friends just a few to mention: Russell Winfield, Dan Climan, David Bicari (Lebicar), P.E. St. Amand, Vincent Tsang (Vincent.mtl), Gabriel Belanger (Agence NBP), Phil Roy, Jack Privatzky, David Birnie, Tanner Pendleton (Being Green), Oli Gagnon.

And to Dillon's countless loving friends and his wonderful community: In crossing his path, you made memories for him to keep and a difference in his life.