VANS Dillon Ojo rail park

It has taken a few days since the parc de rails Dillon Ojo opened to try to find the right words to share of how honoured , touched and grateful we are to have this snowpark created in our son Dillon's name . To have the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation a part of this project is something one could only dream of and as emotional and difficult it is to be reminded of why this came to be , it is also a huge reminder to everyone to create memories and special moments with the ones you love.
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We are truly thankful for all of the time and effort you put into this heartfelt project . Without all of you it would never have come to be . Having this park accessible to all for free will enable so many more people to experience snowboarding who perhaps would never get the chance . Thankyou to everyone who has already taken a ride at the hill and shared your stories , pictures and words of encouragement . This is from the community for the community . We were able to contribute to this project because of all the generosity that comes our way through Dillon . Thank you never seems to be enough but it truly comes from our hearts . Enjoy this place of happiness , tell your friends you love them .
We love you Dillon xo .